G-Bib competition Brazilian semi-finals revealed innovative talents and great Business plans

July 09th, 2017

The Global-BioBased competition (G-BiB) had the Brazilian semi-finals on Monday, 3rd July at the FAPESP auditorium in São Paulo, Brazil. The event had the support of Be-Basic, BBEST, BIOEN and FAPESP.

Patricia Osseweijer, director of the TU Delft/BE-Basic office in Brazil and Heitor Cantarela, general secretary of the Brazilian Bioenergy Science and Technology Conference (BBEST) welcomed the participants of the Brazilian G-BiB semi-finals competitions and the jury members that attended the event on Monday.

Before the G-Bib Semi-finals, the teams had the support of their Business mentors which enormously contributed during the process of guiding the teams through the process of building the Business plans. The team of mentors included Flavio Grynzspan, Jorge Marinho, José Eduardo Martins, Jarib Fogaça, Loraine Mondini, Jadir Nunes, Marco Antonio Stephano, Veronica Peixoto, Marcelo Pilar, Alexandre Falcão, Alexandre Tauszig, Alberto Ozolins, Eduardo Giacomazzi, Norma Garcia, Ayrton Aguiar, Deusa Marcon, Carlos Calmanovici, Eliane Zambom.

The Business plans submitted by the teams were previously revised by the jury members that had the time to study the documents and on the Semi-finals had the chance to listen to the teams during the event on Monday. The teams orally presented their final Business models showing their innovative ideas, market strategies, possible revenues, business networks, potential investors and technological solutions to the audience.

Eight teams were at the semi-final stage and their motivation for the development of new ideas was outstanding. The team members had the possibility to answer the questions raised by the jury members in person, leading to a very productive discussion of the innovations, sustainability, challenges addressed, and possible drawbacks of the proposals.

After the presentations, the jury members made important and valuable final recommendations to the team members and revealed their verdict about the Business plans presented during the day. The participation of Iuri Estrada Gouvêa (Braskem, Renewable Technologies - Biotechnology), Lucio Angnes (USP, Institute of Chemistry), José Augusto Tomé (AgTechGarage), Bianca Martins, (The Dow Chemical Company), Luís Carlos de Souza Ferreira (USP, Institute of Biomedical sciences) and Sérgio Robles Reis Queiroz (FAPESP) as jury members called the attention to the high quality of the best Business plans.

Four Business plans received strong support of the jury members and will receive more incentive for continuing to develop their Business plans through further consulting time with Brazilian jury members. Two teams were offered support for developing a Business Start-up at USP.

The team SANergya from the University of Taubaté, which presented its Business plan which incorporates principles of eco-efficiency and sustainability in industrial processes was the Winner of the Brazilian Semi-finals of the G-Bib competition. The team will now compete with the winner teams from Germany and The Netherlands for the great final prize of the competition. The G-Bib finals will take place at BBEST 2017 next October in Campos do Jordão, Brazil.

The organizers thank and congratulate all the teams that participated presenting their Business plans at the Brazilian semi-finals of the G-Bib competition and contributed to make a great event.

BIoT Gas (Universidade de São Paulo, USP)
Rafael Nahat, Leonardo Gomes, Aldo Tonso (mentor: Jaribe Fogaça);

TechMill (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP)
Robson Tramontina, Bianca Consorti Bussamra, Rafael Ferraz Alves, Adriano Pinto Mariano (mentor: Loraine Mondini);

LBMP4561 (Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP)
Milena Tavares Lima, Tatiane Leonel, Christiane Moretto, Silvana Pompéia do Val de Moraes (mentor: Marco Antonio Stephano)

Leveduras (Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP)
Edwil Ap. de Lucca Gattas, Longinus Ifeamyi Igbojnov, Renan Mazza, Cecilia Laluce (mentor: Marcello Pilar)

SILWA (Universidade de São Paulo, USP)
Mireia Recio Mitter, Karent Romero Gutierrez, Eduardo Padilha Antonio, Fabio Nunes de Mello, Tiago Lubiana, Livia Seno Ferreira Camargo (mentor: Eduardo Giacomazzi)

LCAlive (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP)
Bruno Colling Klein, Jéssica Marcon Bressanin, Mateus Ferreira Chagas, Marcos Djun Barbosa Watanabe (mentor: Norma Garcia)

SANERGYA (Universidade de Taubaté- UNITAU)
Fabricio Miguel Farinassi, Arcione Ferreira Viagi, Ederaldo Godoy Junior, Rafaela Ribeiro Cunha (mentor: Ayrton Aguiar)

You cannot miss the opportunity to get to know these innovative minds at BBEST 2017!

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