Masterclass of G-BiB competition in Brazil

May 10th, 2017

The Masterclass of the first edition of the Global Biobased Business competition (G-BiB) for the Brazilian teams took place on Wednesday, May 10th, at Institute of Chemistry at University of São Paulo (USP) in São Paulo, Brazil. This interesting and intensive day was full of presentations and workshops with the focus on developing a solid business plan.

After a short welcome and introduction by Prof. Flavia Vischi Winck from the Institute of Chemistry all the twelve teams had the pleasure to listen to excellent lecture from the business expert Dr. Flavio Grynzspan. Prior to the event all teams were asked to send questions that would help them in developing the business plan. During the day, the teams had the opportunity to get together with their assigned mentors and discuss about cases and assignments that the teams had to work on for building their business plan. A video presentation by Patricia Osseweijer addressing sustainabilty in a business plan made the offered material complete.

The final challenge for all the teams is to write an innovative business plan based on a design for sustainable production of biorenewable products such as biofuels and biomaterials or partial solutions that will support developing those products.

The teams will have to submit their business plans by the begging of June. The MasterClass of the teams from The Netherlands and Germany took place, respectively, in May 08th and April 26th, 2017.

The semi-finals for all the country’s will be held in June and the finals in October during the 3rd Brazilian BioEnergy Science and Technology (BBEST) in Campos do Jordão, Brazil. The final award of €10.000,- is sponsored by the company Corbion.

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